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Shimano Torium 20

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Brand: Shimano
Product Code: Shimano Torium 20PG Star Drag Conventional Reels – TOR20PGA
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Shimano Torium 20

Torium Star Drag Reels

The lightweight Shimano Torium 20 is a firmly assembled star-drag saltwater reel ideal for live snare or base fishing applications. Torium’s setup of adaptable sizes permits fishermen to track down a model to squeeze into essentially every saltwater market: the 20HG is great for tossing surface irons in California, the 40PG for base looking for grouper and snapper, or the 50HG for focusing on Ulua from the stones in Hawaii. The Shimano Torium 20HG consolidates a HAGANE Body with high inflexibility, taking out flex while expanding by and large productivity and wrenching force. Torium highlights Shimano’s S-Compact Body: the B-side plate is a lot more modest and more reasonable for fishermen to palm the reel with the goal that they can handle the fish in basic circumstances. Loaded with highlights like Cross Carbon Drag, S A-RB and S-Compact Body, the Torium series of reels genuinely has the fish-battling highlights that count when it makes a difference most.

 Model Braid Capacity Gear Ratio Max Drag Retrieve Weight
TOR20PGA 50/710 65/375 80/310 4.6:1 33 lbs 34″ 19.8 oz

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